Wallace District Fire Department

Life Safety, Property Conservation, Environmental Protection

These are the operational priorities of the Wallace District Fire Department. Life safety will always be the first priority including the lives and safety of our firefighters. Property conservation will be second by extinguishing any fires and trying to save any property that is salvageable. Protecting the environment will be attempted whenever possible.

Dedication, Training, Professionalism

Firefighters with WDFD are dedicated to the protection of citizens and property in our Town and Municipality. They undergo thousands of hours of training annually in order to maintain their skills and be able to respond effectively and professionally.

Community Involvement

Wallace District Firefighters are involved in the community as we are members of the community. You will see them at many functions including Western Rodeo weekend, Canada Day, parades, Farm Safety day, demolition derby and many more. You will also see us in the community doing fire inspections and public education.